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Lillie Lee, LCSW

The Art of Giving and Receiving Appreciation

Why is it so hard for people to receive and give appreciation?  People able to give and receive with ease tend to be healthier.  I am primarily speaking of giving and receiving appreciations, and verbal and physical affection. Growing up my family expressed very little positive verbal affection or appreciation of one another. Most attention given was because I had made a mistake or forgot to do a chore.  As a result, I grew up learning to receive negative input and was poor at receiving positive attention, holding the common belief that if people really knew me they wouldn’t say or even think positive things about me.  Another part of my difficulty receiving was if I received I would feel obligated to reciprocate.  This made it difficult to receive what I longed for - Love.

Being stingy with appreciations is common.  Most people live impoverished of the flow of appreciation, both given and received.  The art of giving appreciation is in its simplicity and sincerity.  Appreciations have the power to enhance value, health, create beauty and shift your mood to a more positive state.  They are priceless gifts, costing nothing to express. To appreciate another person effectively you must resonate with that person and their essence.  To receive an appreciation you need undergo ego surrender and let yourself be touched.  If one discounts an appreciation that effectively discounts the person giving it.  When you receive an appreciation the giver is given your receiving.  Thus, both parties are given to.

With healthy self-esteem a person is able to give, receive, and ask for a lot.  I encourage you to move from poverty to abundance through the giving and receiving of more appreciations.  I invite you to join one of my self-esteem classes, DARE TO LOVE YOU, and learn more about the art of giving and receiving. For more info and to register contact Lillie Lee. This class has been conducted for nearly twenty years with great results and feedback.

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