Artist’s Statement

Glamour, Fetish & Tease
I’m a photographer in Riverside California. Much of my work is at the intersection of glamour, tease and fetish and inspired by pin-up. It can be characterized by evoking a very personal relationship between the model and the viewer of the image.  I’m very comfortable at this intersection of genres and find it a great deal of fun. This work, if one wanted any elaboration on this summary of few words, would find that in my pretentious artist’s statement.

The Darker Side of the Mind
In other work, I try to capture the darker side of existence. One museum curator described my approach to lighting to Caravaggio’s paintings.  This is an approach called compositional chiaroscuro and involves shifting the effects of darkness and a sharp contrast of light and dark.  With this work, my goal is often an extreme naturalism with attention to realistic detail, combined with close physical observation of a psychologically mired context that is best viewed as a dynamical psychological system. In this perspective, the viewers mind exists as a set of attractors that will move towards a semantic narrative projected by the image. The entire system is high-dimensional and non-linear to represent the complexity of the viewing mind. This results in a psychological trajectory in the dynamical system that becomes the viewers personal experience of the image and may elicit strong or surprising cognition or affect. The same image may be described as weird by one view, disgusting by another, blasphemous by yet another, or even funny. The image may retrieve thoughts or feelings that a person may not have previously been aware. Whatever the viewers psychological trajectory, is does not have to meet any particular set of constraints other than the viewers’ internal dynamical system.

I’m occasionally asked which photographers inspire me. From an erotic esthetic, I’m moved by the work of Christer Roswell. His work as with the female form “reveals their beauty, strength, humor, and resilience in the face of passion, subjugation, inequality and violence.” My approach resonates deeply with his.

I feel like I can easily understand Nobuyoshi Araki’s dark and troubling perspective on humanity. Although I would never compare my work to the stature of his work, we do have in common that our works are often described as perverse and weird.

Special Ongoing Projects
I’m working on several special projects: erotic bridal portraits and The Girl Scout project. I’m wrapping up my 2 year long project on Skirts. A larger portfolio and more information can be found at my web site – I can also shoot for

My Goal
My primary interests are in creating work suitable for exhibition at erotic arts shows and competitions or for my projects.

In order to demonstrate my post-modern language facility, I also have a fancy, really pretentious, artist’s statement.