My Really Pretentious Artist’s Statement

A pretentious artist’s statement requires a pretentious photo with multi-cameraed photographers – Curt with two Vegas photographers (Ken, middle and Dave Proctor, right). These three amigos were shooting the Las Vegas Triathlon at Lake Mead.

My projects are ways of exploring the erotic and stylistic elements of popular iconicity. In both cases, the semiotic goal is to evoke through the images meaning that is at variance with the representations that we hold. It is the violation of the icon through the willing participation of the subject of the tradition. The semiotic change reflects the varying modes of psychological capactity and the evolution of a person’s reaction to the imagery. In this sense the obligatory rules learnt from cultural conventions are broken. Homogeniety is confronted. There is no fakery or aesthetic cheating on the underlying psychological processes that are evoked with the traditional images. Simultaneity is immediately integrated into the aesthetic expression. The sub-conscious myths we hold are objectified and the allusions from the traditional become the subject of expression.

Appreciation of this work requires thinking and perception on different levels. The viewer deals with the aesthetic tension and her or his own self-evaluation. This way the viewer becomes a witness to the quasi-ritualized manner in which culture expresses these repressed inclinations and relations. It becomes compulsory, when viewing such imagery, to experience a direct polemic with one’s cultural meta-history.

My goal is certainly not art of any ideal, but moreso a confession of the alternatives that underlie the cultural semantics. A photographic human praxis – a transformation of the subconscious dyspraxia into overt eupraxia.

Taste and see that god is good (Psalm 34:8)