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Urban Exposure Workshop

A friend and I participated in Anthony Feliciano’s Urban Exposure Street Photography Workshop on Saturday. The five of us MetroLinked to Union Station and trekked through 5 or 6 of LA’s neighborhoods. My images pretty much suggest that I refused to do street photography, but if you’re interested in Street Photography in the LA area, I […]

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Behind the scenes on the Fluidity shoot

I thought I’d put up a little behind the scenes stuff that were part of the photoshoot that produced the Fluidity images. Here’s four shots, with no post-processing, as we were getting ready to administer large amounts of the pink stuff all over Kira. These are four consecutive shots took 28 seconds. Fun times! .

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LA Art Walk – LACDA Exhibition for Represented Artists

All kinds of amazing images at this 9th anniversary exhibition for LACDA’s represented artists. This photograph serves as evidence that at least a couple people looked my my photo! The more I looked at it the more I would have liked to have presented this as two separate images.  Some details that I’ve been asked […]

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LACDA Ninth Anniversary Exhibition

This coming Thursday is the opening night and reception for the Ninth Anniversary Exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. I am one of a bunch of artists who will be showing as part of LA Artwalk. I couldn’t decide between the front or back view of Kira. Rex Bruce, LACDA’s curator suggested […]

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Retrospective: A girl and her friend in DC

It’s Thanksgiving week and I was feeling a  little nostalgic.  I thought back to one of my earlier (2007) and really fun photoshoots. I made arrangements with Melissa when I was visiting Washington, DC, and she brought along her friend Elizabeth. The chemistry was terrific with these two and one thing led to another and […]

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