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Preview of upcoming book: Skirts!

What I’m showing here are some teaser images that are being considered for inclusion in my soon to be published book title Skirts! Subscribe to my blog if you want an immediate notification of the book’s availability. 

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My Lunch with Steve Anthony

I was in Minneapolis and had the opportunity to meet with a long time, online friend, Steve Anthony. He’s a photographer but he and I often join our abilities for critical analysis for online debates. I was told of this terrific place for a burger – a really, really, good burger.  Steve hadn’t been there […]

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Huskergirl: Katya photoessay book now available!

I shot with Katya a couple weeks ago. We shot a bridal set, a scout set and I wanted a couple photos for my huskergirls fan site. We worked for about an hour; she was lots of fun to work with. We got a nice range of images that I decided to finally start my […]

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Tabitha: Erotic Bride & Huskergirl

Here’s several shots from my photoshoot with Tabitha. She was terrific to work with and adds a whole new level of sultriness to the Huskergirl concept.

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Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2012!

For the third year, one of my photographs was part of the juried exhibition at SEAF. The acceptance rate for this show is about 10%. Other images are available at the SEAF store.  I am most sorry to have not gone to this year’s festival.  They are expecting over 10,000 people this year and the […]

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