Retrospective: A girl and her friend in DC

It’s Thanksgiving week and I was feeling a  little nostalgic.  I thought back to one of my earlier (2007) and really fun photoshoots. I made arrangements with Melissa when I was visiting Washington, DC, and she brought along her friend Elizabeth. The chemistry was terrific with these two and one thing led to another and this resulted in one of my all time favorite images – the two of them in bed reading the morning paper. It was such a natural shot that captured the comfortable familiarity that these two felt. I’ve kept up with Melissa – she came out and visited California awhile back and we shot again. It was great to connect after four years.  She has now graduated from Cornell. She’s a deep thinker, reflective, and knowledgeable about what makes a good image.


Melissa has the perfect mouth. After I finished this image, I felt like I must have been inspired by Andy Warhol.

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Preview of upcoming book: Skirts!

What I’m showing here are some teaser images that are being considered for inclusion in my soon to be published book title Skirts! Subscribe to my blog if you want an immediate notification of the book’s availability. 


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My Lunch with Steve Anthony

I was in Minneapolis and had the opportunity to meet with a long time, online friend, Steve Anthony. He’s a photographer but he and I often join our abilities for critical analysis for online debates. I was told of this terrific place for a burger – a really, really, good burger.  Steve hadn’t been there so we checked it out. The Nook – a small neighborhood place. And the reputation of their burgers was not exaggerated! In lieu of a photo of our burger exploit, I offer a photo from our table.

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Huskergirl: Katya photoessay book now available!

I shot with Katya a couple weeks ago. We shot a bridal set, a scout set and I wanted a couple photos for my huskergirls fan site. We worked for about an hour; she was lots of fun to work with. We got a nice range of images that I decided to finally start my Huskergirl short photoessay series. These are short books (20 pages) and inexpensive enough so that Husker fans don’t need to worry about the budget to get one. We have a print copy and an e-version for any iOS5 device. Katya’s book contains some Penthouse style shots that make for a much edgier Huskergirl image and are not available anywhere except in the book. (link to book below gallery)


Short Photoessay Se…
By Curt Burgess phot…
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Tabitha: Erotic Bride & Huskergirl

Here’s several shots from my photoshoot with Tabitha. She was terrific to work with and adds a whole new level of sultriness to the Huskergirl concept.

cb0_1506cb0_1513cb0_1536Mega-cool ginger Huskergirl

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