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Behind the scenes on the Fluidity shoot

I thought I’d put up a little behind the scenes stuff that were part of the photoshoot that produced the Fluidity images. Here’s four shots, with no post-processing, as we were getting ready to administer large amounts of the pink stuff all over Kira. These are four consecutive shots took 28 seconds. Fun times!



LA Art Walk – LACDA Exhibition for Represented Artists

All kinds of amazing images at this 9th anniversary exhibition for LACDA’s represented artists. This photograph serves as evidence that at least a couple people looked my my photo! The more I looked at it the more I would have liked to have presented this as two separate images. 


Some details that I’ve been asked about.  This was part of a photoshoot on June 30, 2012. We shot on Saturday and Sunday and this was the messiest set up we did all weekend. We shot this against a pinup-esque pink seamless and the liquid … it’s Pepto Bismol. We make a quick trip out to Sam’s Clubs, stocked up on the pink fluid and headed back to the set. We discovered the Pepto had to be watered down a bit. Thanks to Kira I discovered that lemon drop melons are not the bla kind of melons I’m used to. 


Fluidity. Limited edition of 10 prints. Model: Kira from Portland.

It turns out that Pepto Bismol has quite a history in the art and advertising world. Pepto Bismol is neither here nor there as far as the Fluidity image goes. That said there are images that illustrate the erotic history of the product.  The following image titled Pepto Bismol Murder is found on deviantart.  



It’s from a Pepto advert. I’m not quite sure what the story is here. I guess it’s art.

pepto pope

I don’t think Pepto Bismol is going to help their problems.


How 1960’s!