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LACDA Ninth Anniversary Exhibition

This coming Thursday is the opening night and reception for the Ninth Anniversary Exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. I am one of a bunch of artists who will be showing as part of LA Artwalk.

My wife can be seen in their photo. About a third of the way from the right, in the middle. Wearing the blue sweater and black skirt.

I couldn’t decide between the front or back view of Kira. Rex Bruce, LACDA’s curator suggested that I put both in a 36″ x 44″ print. Great suggestion! I love the outcome.  And the answer to the most frequently asked question …. Pepto Bismol. No shit.

In exhibition at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, April 11 to May 4, 2013. From a June 30, 2012, photoshoot.



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Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas … unless you’re cone of those who doesn’t celebrate Christmas …. 😀

This image is from the Snow Princess series that is available at zivity.com.

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Kira visits Playboy in Hollywood! Yay!

Kira is a model from Portland and had been interested in interviewing for some of Playboy’s projects and conveniently got a call from them when she was visiting SoCal. We made a day of it. I was volunteered to be chauffeur. We got there early and had lunch at Mamita’s, a Peruvian restaurant not far from the Playboy Entertainment Group Building.  As I waited in the lobby, I noticed that the only magazines they had for visitors to read were Playboys. I guess that’s one difference between Playboy and my dentist’s office! Afterwards we spent some time in the Fashion District. Kira and I spent two days shooting and you can see those images on other June postings.


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Shopping at the Salvation Army

Kira was staying with us for several days as part of her southern California modeling tour. We were shooting for two days and than on Wednesday I’m driving her to Playboy Entertainment in Hollywood for an interview. I had shot Kira as part of the Erotic Bridal project so it was natural that she took a look at this dress. It would have looked great on her, but the last thing I need is another wedding dress!  I have at least 10. Her and Cathy were goofing around about it. We were tempted but passed on the opportunity.

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